The Company

Pentec Energy Ltd. provides electrical contracting services to the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors of Saskatchewan. Based in Saskatoon, our delivery methods of service include, construction, project management, design/build, and service/maintenance. As a diverse electrical contractor, the size and scope of our work varies from short service calls keeping clients operational to large scale industrial and commercial construction projects.

The Team

Understanding the collective effort required to successfully complete complex construction projects and the importance of quality workmanship is our continued commitment. Keeping abreast of the latest technology and involving the complete Pentec team in finding innovative solutions is our model for providing excellence and value to our clients. We take pride in our team accomplishments and keep looking for ways to improve on our success.

Our Reputation

The committed focus on a professional, team approach to building projects has earned Pentec Energy Ltd. a solid reputation with clients, general contractors, engineers, our employees and suppliers. We very actively promote ethical practices and our strong partner relationships are a testament to the level of integrity we strive for in all aspects of business.

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